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Where can I buy a Love Rock? 

A finished Love Rock is not something you buy but rather make on your own or find.


When I find a Love Rock can I take it with me? 

Yes, Love Rocks are something that is put out into the world for others to find. Some people like to take them, others will take a photo and leave it behind for someone else to find and some just like to feel the love that was left and then leave it for others.


When I place a Love Rock how can I guarantee that will be posted on the Facebook page? 

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees on whether or not your Love Rock will be posted on Facebook when found. You increase your chances if you make sure to let people know about the Facebook page by either putting it on the back of the rock or leaving a Love Rock pre-made card.


Where can I buy the supplies for Love Rocks? 

You can buy a bag of rocks at Dollar Tree, you get a bag of 20 for $1. All the other supplies can be found at Walmart, Joann Fabrics or Michael’s.


What is the best way to cut out the hearts? 

I have found the best way to cut out hearts is to cut your fabric in 1 inch strips and then fold it in half. I then, with a very sharp pair of scissors, cut half of a heart on the fold. I can cut a lot of hearts out of one strip of fabric and once I get going it moves along rather quickly. Having sharp scissors really helps.


Where can I buy a Love Rock kit? 

You can buy Love Rock kits and other handmade items at our online store at All proceeds of sales will go to the Anna and Abby Memorial Fund which will fund the memorial playground built in their honor, Anna and Abby’s Yard.


I love this idea and would like to start my own Facebook page for my community, do you mind? 

I have been asked a number of times, with good intentions, if people can open a separate Love Rocks Facebook page specific to their community. I would ask that you don’t do this for a couple of reasons. Love Rocks are not community specific but rather travel across communities, states and, even into other countries. I have gotten posts from people who have traveled to Oregon, Las Vegas, Virginia and, even Mexico (just to name a few), found a Love Rock and, then went back to their hometown and shared it with someone else. Opening up other sites would confuse people and also would make it difficult to track Love Rocks that travel. Second, this site means a lot to me and I love reading all the posts and messages of how Love and Joy are being spread by these little rocks with fabric hearts on them. It’s what I have and I know that my girls have a hand in all this love and joy.


When Love Rocks posts on the Facebook page or when I send a personal message to the Love Rocks page, who am I sending it to? 

I am the only administrator for the Love Rocks page at this time so when you see a Love Rocks post it’s from me, Susan (Anna and Abby’s mom).

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