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Have you found a Love Rock? 

Congratulations! After hearing amazing stories by hundreds of people who have found Love Rocks, I can honestly say that I truly believe that you did not find a Love Rock, but rather a Love Rock found you. 


What Next? 


Here are some suggestions on what to do now with your little treasure. There are no "rules" on what happens after you find a Love Rock but if you are at a loss for ideas, this will help: 


Document it.  Finding a Love Rock automatically makes you part of the Love Rock Community. Take a picture of your Love Rock and post it along with a short description of where you found it on the Love Rocks Facebook page. Sometimes if the person that placed your Love Rock reads your post, they will give you information about where your Love Rock came from. 


Keep it. If finding the Love Rock made your heart sing and filled you with joy, then keep it in a special place so that every time you look at it you remember those feelings. Some people even keep them in their pocket or in their purse so it is always with them.


Pass it Along. Maybe the feeling you had when you found your Love Rock reminded you of someone in your life that is in need of those same feelings. We all know people who are struggling for some reason or another. Passing your Love Rock along to them might be exactly what they need at that very moment.


Place it. Now it's your turn to place your Love Rock someplace for someone else to find. You may never know who is next on this little rocks chain of love but you will know, without a doubt,  that you're spreading Love & Joy! Your Love Rock will find the person it is meant to find.


Keep it, Pass it or Place it and then Make Your Own. This is the best part! Now it's your turn to make Love Rocks and put them out into the world. For a step by step tutorial on what you need and how to make Love Rocks click here



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