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Feel free to print off these resources and use when sharing Love Rocks. All we ask is that you include our website on the Love Rocks you share as a way to connect those that find them to the greater Love Rocks community. Thank you so much for sharing love and joy! 


YOU ARE LOVED/ LOVE-ROCKS.ORG  ~  tags for the back of Love Rocks


YOU MATTER/ LOVE-ROCKS.ORG ~ tags for the back of Love Rocks. These tags were specifically designed to put on yellow Love Rocks for suicide awareness/prevention. 


Create your own hashtag Love Rocks Tags ~ use these tags when honoring a loved one, sharing your own message of love and joy or simply because you have something you want to share. 


Love Rocks Journal ~ use this journal page with your students as a way to reflect on where, with whom and when they plan on sharing their Love Rocks. 


Love Rocks Reflection Page ~ use this as another way to have students share about their Love Rocks. 


Do Small Things WIth Great Love cards ~ cards that can be used when passing out Love Rocks. 





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