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With a pocket full of Love Rocks, you are set to spread Love and Joy in the world.  

Not sure where to leave them? Here are some of my favorite placements. 

  • with your tip at a restaurant

  • in a neighbor's flower pot while you're out on a walk

  • next to your favorite foods when at the grocery store

  • inside packaging for toys, clothing or basically anything while out shopping

  • in the hand of someone who looks sad

  • in the hand of someone who looks happy

  • on your teacher's desk

  • on your child's pillow

  • in a package sent to a friend you haven't talked to in a long time

  • on fence posts

  • in coin return of vending machines

  • on empty benches

  • in the tip jar of your local coffee shop

  • on door handle of cars in parking lot

  • on your neighbors porch


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