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We have found that not everyone gets excited about being crafty and that when told to get mod podge, a cold sweat breaks out across their brow. So, we decided for those who are craft-challenged, a Love Rocks Kit would come in handy for sharing Love Rocks (without having to go into a craft store!).

Each Love Rocks Kit comes with 15 rocks, 15 pre-cut hearts, a little container of mod podge, a foam brush, facebook tags and instructions on how to make Love Rocks.  Each kit is $10 and all net proceeds go to the Love Rocks Foundation.

We sell our kits through Rainbow Tree Studio website -


Love Rock Kits


Love Rock Patches

Show that you share love and joy by wearing a Love Rock patch on your jacket, bag or Girl Scout vest or sash.  Love Rock patches comes with the Love Rock Story, instructions on how to make Love Rocks and links to activity pages that provide ideas on how to share love and joy through Love Rocks. If you would like to order a Love Rock patch (or a bunch of patches) fill out the contact form below. 

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